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Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with The Catholic Sojourner on SiriusXM Radio

This morning at 7:20am EST, I was featured as a guest on The Catholic Channel's "Seize the Day" live show with Gus Lloyd. I would have posted about this beforehand, but the plans were not finalized until last night. I will try to obtain an audio link to post here.

It was difficult to summarize my entire conversion journey in 10-15 minutes, but Gus did a great job with the questions in keeping the story moving along.

Thank you to SiriusXM for the invitation.

I would again like to invite anyone who is visiting here who has questions about my journey, or about the Catholic Faith in general, to contact me. I will respond to every email and offer whatever answers, resources and prayers that I can.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Your story truly blessed me. It could be my own but when I joined RCIA and went through the first Rite of Acceptance, my husband wrote me a 3 page letter telling me basically our marriage of 32 years would be over if I continued. I felt the Lord speak to me and tell me to "wait out of holy obedience and He would speak to my husband in those places no man can speak to." I am still at that place where I read the books, articles and even go to Mass occasionally. I have read "Dark Night of the Soul" and "Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic." I have also read "Rome Sweet Home" and the "Surprised by Truth" books. I used to avidly watch EWTN but the conflict was too much. I get The Journey Home newsletter and emails which is where I read your story. I still have hope that I will be able to enter fully into the One True Church. Appreciate all prayers.

thereluctantroad said...

While I was a student at Southern Baptist seminary I crept into Holy Spirit church too! I withdrew from seminary 4 days later. Cool to see similar stories.