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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Simple Apologetic

Sometimes a simple answer is best. When you are asked, "Why are you Catholic?" a solid and simple answer can be: "Because it is true." When asked as a follow-up, "How do you know it is true?", you can respond: "Because the Church teaches it." When they ask how you know what the Church teaches is true, you can simply respond: "Because the Church was founded by Jesus while He was on Earth, and He is Truth itself."

Of course much more can, and should, be said to those who are sincerely seeking the truth, or who at least are open to learning more about the Catholic Faith. But for those who simply want to engage in arguments over this or that Bible verse, or mischaracterize this or that Catholic belief or practice, it is best to keep it simple and move on.

Our adversary delights in drawing Christians into disputes with each other. It is best not to even play the game. Keep yourself at peace, confident in what you believe, and refrain from wrangling with those who merely want to engage in fruitless bickering. For such individuals, a simple answer, affirming your faith in Jesus Christ who founded the One True Church 2000 years ago, is enough.

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